If you’re new to the world of foundation or just make up in general, then picking out the right type of foundation for your skin can be a daunting task. I have tried and tested numerous amounts of foundations over the years on my combination skin and I constantly find myself going back to the same few brands each time. Personally I like a good full-coverage foundation, which will last from morning to night and stay matte through-out most of the day. During the Summer months of course, I do like a little less full coverage on my face. Here are my Top 4:
Ah good old Studio Fix Fluid by MAC. It’s probably one of MAC’s most well-known foundations and is worn by millions of women (and some men) from around the world. It’s the old reliable for me and I find myself going back to it time and time again. With a medium to build-able coverage and thick consistency Studio Fix Fluid is perfect for those of you wanting a flawless matte finish. It also boasts an SPF of 15, perfect to stop those damaging rays getting at your skin. I recently started using this again as my daily foundation, after stumbling across an old picture of myself wearing Studio Fix and I decided that I simply had to run out and buy another bottle as my skin just looked so damn good!
I love most of L’Oreal’s products. From their amazing hair care products to cosmetics I just love everything about the brand. True Match Liquid foundation is another one of their amazing products. I had read countless raving reviews about the foundation sometime last year and decided to see what all the fuss was about. The consistency of True Match is more on the runny side but with a medium coverage that is definitely build-able it really does deserve a place in my top four. With a natural finish and 23 shades in the range, there is one to suit every skintone. It did however last slightly less time on my combination skin, than the MAC Studio Fix Fluid but this foundation is still well up for the job of staying-put on your face.
I know some people might not be suprised by this one, as it’s generally pretty high on most bloggers favourite foundations list. However, what you might find suprising is the fact that I have gone for Revlons Normal/Dry formula over the Combination/Oily (even though these foundations are specifically for combination skin types). If you have tried both formulas then you will know what I’m talking about. I hated this foundation when I first tried it; mainly due to the fact that I had been using the combination/oily formula. It was far too thick for my liking and I found it hard to blend out as it dried so quickly. The normal/dry version is much nicer – not being too runny but still thick enough to give amazing coverage. It blends like a dream and doesn’t cling to any dry patches you may have on your face. For me, it lasts all day long with only minimal touching up needed through-out the day. If you haven’t tried the normal/dry version then I urge you to go out and buy a bottle – you won’t regret it!
Sadly, my relationship with this foundation has been on again off again more times then I care to imagine (sigh). This would be my number one all-time favourite if it hadn’t broken me out last year. Although I haven’t worn it in ages I still like to keep it high on my list. Double Wear has a thick and heavy consistency yes. But what else would you expect from a full coverage foundation? With this you don’t even need to wear concealer and only powdering your t-zone would suffice if you get oily through-out the day like myself. This stuff does not budge!! Now I know that wearing any product on your face for longer than 24 hours is not really recommended but Double Wear really does stand the test of time.


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