(Top photo left to right: Bete Noire, Berry Hot, Love Bite, Pink Clouds, Ballerina Pink)

First off, can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty these nail polishes are. Estée Lauder have really hit the nail on the head with these Pure Color nail lacquers when it comes to both quality and pretty packaging.

I have 5 different shades from this mini Pure Color range, although I did buy these in a gift set so 3 of the shades I have are still available in the ‘Vivid Shine’ range and the other 2 colours may be harder to find. None the less, Estée Lauder have a wide range of other gorgeous shades to choose from with 45 colours in the whole collection.

The brush on these nail polishes is okay, nothing fantastic. Estée Lauder does claim that their brush was specially designed to apply the polish in 3 easy strokes – even though it did take me 4 or 5 strokes to get a full colour application. I did find them to be quick drying and the colour seemed to be opaque after only 2 coats which was great, especially if you’re in a hurry to be somewhere. The one point that really stood out for me about these nail polishes was how gorgeous the high gloss finish looked once my nails had dried. I had comments from people asking me were my nails shellac!

I didn’t however apply any topcoat after using these because I wanted to see how long the polish would last on my nails without any help. They did start to chip after 3 days which I thought was a bit annoying, although chipping was minimal and easily fixable with a quick touch-up. (I’m assuming had I used a topcoat this nail polish would last so much longer). Overall, for the high gloss finish and gorgeous colours, these Pure Color nail lacquers are worthy of a place in your nail polish collection. However, if it’s super longevity you’re after in a high end nail polish then these probably ain’t for you.

The Pure Color range are available in stores and online, retailing for €18/£14/$21.


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